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William ( BILL) Boechler
Retired 1954
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Shelly Mathews (Borden)
babysitter Divorced 2 1971

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Ron Bosman
Owner of a Janitorial Business Married 2 1980
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Norma Joyce (Botterill)
Married 4 1966
Hi Everyone! My how the time flies. It seems like only last year (not 40 + ) that we were planning grad, not reunion. Since 1968 Ken and I have lived in the "south" of the province. We have 4 grown sons and with two of them we run an organic farm. The other boys live in Regina and Japan. Not retired yet, but do have the travelling bug. Looking forward to seeing you in July! Send Norma a MessageSend Norma a Message
Delia Bourne (Bourne Johnston)
retired Married 1946
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Dayle Bowman
Profile picture
retired teacher / business owner Married 2 1961

Hi everyone,

I'm looking forward to next year's Reunion. 

Just a quick snapshot of events since I graduated in 1961. I received  Biology and Education degrees from the U of S, married Ken Norman (class of '60) in 1965, and moved to England where I taught in Oxford for 2 years (while Ken studied). 

On our return, I taught for the Saskatoon Board of Education for two years until our first daughter, Patti, was born in 1969.  At the time, there was no maternity leave so I had to resign from teaching.  SBE was not interested in having part-time  or team-teaching situations, so I did not return to teaching.  After our second daughter, Ali, was born in 1971, I became involved in establishing quality, parent-controlled pre-schools and day care centres.

In addition to being an in-class parent helper two days a week for 7 years, I also served as a trustee on the Saskatoon Public School Board for 20 years.  

In 1988, Ken and I separated and later divorced.  I remarried and moved from Saskatoon shortly after the 1995 NCI Reunion.   My husband, Jim Halford, and I live on his farm south of Indian Head ... about an hour east of Regina.  Talk about a steep learning curve!! City Girl moves to The Farm!

In the last 20 years, I have been an editor, a free-lance writer, and a community volunteer.  At present, I own my own franchise-like, nutrition-based business.  It allows me to work part-time, from home, and have lots of opportunity to travel as well as spend time with our five grandhcildren (4 boys and 1 girl), ages 1 to 14.

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Bette Jo Cummings (Boyd)
retired (secondary teacher/homemaker) Divorced 3 1956
I attended the 85th celebration with my younger sister, Cherill (Cummings) (Vencil) (Lash) Vencil and had a great time. I also attended the Class of 1956 50th Reuinon with Judy (Teakles) Smith and Julia (Milligan) Finlay. Saskatoon is looking good!  Until the 85th I had not been back since my 1959 graduation from the U of S. (My family moved back to New Mexico following my graduation from Nutana,) Send Bette Jo a MessageSend Bette Jo a Message
Geoff Brand
retired Police Married 2 1976
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audrey braun
registered nurse Single Again 1 1973
I have been living in Victoria for 22 years now. I raised one son who is soon to be 20 years old. I am a nurse working in various heathcare fields for the last 35 years. Presently, I am working in a dialysis unit. I enjoy some very amateur golf, and vacationing in warm destinations.
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Lynne Maguire (Bresselaar)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married 2 1961
Hi Classmates.  

After highschool, I eventually graduated from the University of Manitoba in Occupational Therapy, and worked at Saskatoon's University Hospital, where I met my first husband Bill Bidwell.  We had two beautiful daughters.  I stayed home with them, returning to work in 1980 til about '87 when the everyday demands of the workplace (specifically, staying awake) became more than my narcoleptic self could handle. 

Bill died in l990.  I remarried 5 years later, a Dutchman.  Until last year, we travelled a lot in our l982 camper-van, mostly boondocking in the Western U.S., especially in the San Diego area.  We finally traded the old vehicles in last year on a new Hybrid.

I now have 5 grandchildren aged 5 weeks to 15 years.  Art has 3 grown kids and 4 grandchildren.  

I've resumed my childhood passion for drawing during my retirement, even did some sculpting - mostly busts.  My current passion is knitting, especially lace, cables, or fairisle.  I'm also a volunteer tutor with READ Saskatoon, a job I just love.

I'm really excited about the 2010 Celebration.  See you there. 
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