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Larry Fowke
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Professor (retired) Married 3 1959
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Susan Francis
Grounds Crew Divorced 3 1974
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heather frank
Project Manager Single Again 3 1991
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Sidney Huffman (Frank)
presently unencumberd with employment issues - wondering whether to retire or start a business or 
find a job!
Married 2 1969
Moved back to Saskatoon in the fall of 2007.  Would be happy to help with anything for the 100th get together.  Both of my sisters gratuated from Nutana and so we all plan to attend. Send Sidney a MessageSend Sidney a Message
Brian Frayling
DENTURIST Married 2 1975
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Kim Shuba (Frederick)
Transcriber Married 1 1975
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Margery Moss (French)
Married 2 1957
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Jean Allwood (Frydenlund)
Married 3 1936
I taught school in rural Saskatchewan for several years before marrying Juel Frydenlund in 1943. We made our home on the farm at South Allan for 50 years before moving to Saskatoon and we now live at Riverside Terrace. I have many fond memories of my high school years at Nutana, and look forward to the 100th birthday celebration.

The email address belongs to my daughter who lives in Saskatoon.
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Patricia Searles (Funk)
retired psychiatric social worker Married 9 1954
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Ray Furse
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Retired Married 4 1959
Looking forward to seeing old( and I mean OLD judging by my knees and hips) classmates and friends! After a B.Comm. at U of S, Ariel( has been putting up with me for going on  48 years now - poor Ariel!) and I spent 2 years in Calgary, then on to Prince Rupert, B.C.(120 in. of rain per year), for 5 years, then we found both paradise and the Lord in Courtenay, B.C. on Vancouver Island where we have lived since. We have had many ups and downs,  sadness and joy, but after a major 'correction' in life style(met this bunch of absolutely 'fanatically' "crazy" Christians), life has been very good! We did have a major 'bump' in the road when Ariel suffered a stroke while vacationing in Maui 3 years ago and we almost lost her. I (and the kids) have always thought of 'Mom' as indestructable and she is proving it again. She still has speech and comprehension problems and has to take it easy but we are praying and believing for her eventual full recovery (one major obstacle to that is that I'm now the cook - going from Ariel, a world class cook to the world's worst, me,  - not helpful!)  We have 4 wonderful children (2 boys and  2 girls)  and their mates and 11 wonderful grandchildren(7 girls and 4 boys), the youngest being 1 year old Zachary. We had a small farm( ok, Ariel, it was a "tiny" farm - 2.75 acres - no laughing please from my farmer cousins on their farm with 5,000 acres!!) until the kids had left home. Buttercup was our jersey cow's name - she gave 6 gals of really rich milk at her peak ! Our two shelties, two siamese cats, as well as chickens, roosters, and pigs rounded out 'F' Troop (I always was  a farmer at heart!).

Nutana is special to the Furse family: My mother Julia Furse(nee Christensen), young girl from a 'homestead' farm just 7 miles east of the little town Ruthilda, Sask., 80 miles west of Saskatoon(cousins still farm it), had been sent to board in a strange city to get the best education she could get. She did that in spades with many great successes, not the least of which was becoming the second Senior Pin in history at 'The Nutana Collegiate' for the school year 1925/26. Besides that, she met her future husband, one Lewis Furse(who took his grade 12 at NCI) during her grade 12 year  ( so I guess I can thank Nutana in a way, for being instrumental in my own coming into being!!). As well, my 3 older brothers(Glen '50, Don '50, Bob '57 and myself '59), attended and graduated from Nutana. And to top it off, my Dad Lewis was a popular teacher at Nutana for many years in the 1950's. So, Mother, Father and four sons have the 'Double Blue' deep in our DNA!

Time to ring off on this! Ariel and I will be hanging around the '59 grads alot and hope to see as many old school mates and friends as possible. See you in Saskatoon.  

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