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Polly Samson (Claydon)
retired/artist Married 2 1962

Since leaving Nutana I obtained by BA and then Education degree.  I have been married, divorced and remarried, now for 34 years.  I have two children, a son 40 and a daughter 42.  I taught primary school for 15 years, was a manager for Purdy's Chocolates for 13 years, worked as a Medical Office Administrator for 5 years, and finally went back to school at age 55 to take a four year art course.  I now create collage Mandalas, and sell my work to private collectors.  On the side and to keep my mind agile I work part time at a dry cleaners.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I love my life and enjoy growing old.

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Laurence (Laurie) Clayton
Teacher Married 3 1966
My wife and I are thinking about coming out to the reunion.  It would be great to see all the folks who were at Nutana between 1962 and 1966 (and those who came before or afterwards of course!). Send Laurence (Laurie) a MessageSend Laurence (Laurie) a Message
Orrin Clayton
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retired Married 2
Retired on 2000 after employed by Canadian Seed Growers' Association (CSGA) in Ottawa for 42 years. Enjoy photography, geneology, singing, calligraphy,grandchildren, travel and computing. Have written 100 year history of the CSGA and also of the community in Ottawa where I live. Just had a 50 year reunion of my Uof S College of Agriculure class in Saskatoon in January 2008. I sing lead in Aged In Harmony, a barbershop chorus in Ottawa for retired seniors. Our purpose is to entertain a seniors homes. Great fun! Attended NCI from 1950-54 Send Orrin a MessageSend Orrin a Message
Noel Cleveland
National Market Developement Manager Married 2 1964
Looking forward to seeing alot of friends that I have not seen since high school.  Living out on the west coast, which gives more time to golf. Send Noel a MessageSend Noel a Message
Herb Coburn
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retired teacher Married 2 1970
Forty years has gone by so quickly.   Looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Herb a MessageSend Herb a Message
judi coburn
teacher 2 1967
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Elaine Maxymyshyn (Colbourne)
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Ed Colin
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President Married 2 1964

I'm looking forward to this reunion, I missed the previous ones.  Good old 4D!
I moved to the west coast in 68, got married and have 2 wonderful children, 2 stepsons and now 2 grandkids soon to be 3!  This year I remarried, Alanna, is the lady I have lived with for the last 17 years.  I guess it was time!  
I've been in various business on the west coast since 1968. 
Alanna and I currently live in North Vancouver.  We enjoy travel, grand children, gardening, cooking, winemaking (drinking) and yes, I still work.  

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tara collins
audiologist Married 1 1986
can't wait to see everybody!! Send tara a MessageSend tara a Message
Lee Collver-Richards
Elementary School

Not all are here in the 100th year
Not all are safe our sound
Remember all
Especially those who guided our youth
Mary Louise Long - History and Latin Professor
She used to apply Noxema during tests and
Breath heavily
Still I learned a passion for knowledge
And a Vision Quest in Progress
Due to her commitment
To the
Halls of Nutana

I also remember long johns with caramel icing
And an amazing library
And you
See you soon!

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