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Cruising on 8th St.
In the '60's, I remember that the highlite of every week was cruising 8th St. and meeting up with friends and schoolmates at the A&W or Dog'N'Suds. Image
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Meeting at the 'Dub' (A&W) in the '60's was as much a part of High School life as going to school dances and football games and usually happened before and/or after such activities. Image
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Great pics. You are so right. If you didn't cruz the Dub you hadn't had a good night. Eighth Street was usually alive. We met our friends either at the A&W or the Dog'n Suds. That street culture was a display of our new found independance. My kids don't get it but we sure did.
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Another great place to meet was Venice Pizza, located in the strip mall of the original Colonial Motel on 8th St. Image
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Hey there Sir/Ma'am! Never mind the 60's - the 8th St A&W drive-in was still pretty hot in the 70's for us young Nutana folks! In fact, being a car-hop was the first job a few gals (including myself) had back then. You might be aging yourself though - Dog N' Suds was my PARENTS favorite place!! Guess I am aging myself as well though, Venice Pizza was my 2nd job!! PS - parents always did prefer Dog and Suds, even after the rest of us were addicted to McDonalds! Take care - Dawn