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Golf Game
To the graduating class of 1963 is anyone interested in a golf game before, during or after the reunion. Ladies and gentlemen invited.
Reg Gore
Last Post: Mar 13th 2010
Author: reggore
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Contacting the teachers
Hello, are there any efforts being made to contact the teaching staff and invite them to join us? I think it would be great to make them feel included in this great occasion.
Last Post: Sep 20th 2009
Author: pavlis
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Talent Show
Some of you folks were pretty cool. I enjoyed the talent shows. Is this something that might add to our enjoymen? I appreciate your comments
Last Post: Aug 26th 2009
Author: Caesar
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Have you considered a Remembrance Board for those families wishing to have a name(s) shown? Christina Ludwig-Krock
Last Post: Aug 26th 2009
Author: MLK124
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Name Tags
I would suggest having name tags with our pictures as we were in high school. Many of us have changed considerably in looks and the pictures are very helpful in identifying friends. This worked...
Last Post: Aug 26th 2009
Author: sandyu44
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School Dance
The Majestics always had a packed house. Lived for the weekend for their dances. Doug B is now playing Jazz and may be hiding out at the Jazz Fest??? Hope the lights on the 19th St Bridge are...
Last Post: Apr 8th 2009
Author: schaffeld
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Gathering areas by decades
Set up areas in the room by decades as it will be easier to connect with more people you know if you don't have to search the entire room.
Last Post: Sep 23rd 2008
Author: SandraC
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School Dance
I don't know about you, but Dave Tupper and his band rocked throughout my four years at Nutana. I wonder if he is still playing and if he could be convinced to perform during the reunion.
Last Post: Jul 23rd 2008
Author: EKE
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